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Now that you are ready to experience health again, I have so much to offer with CranioSacral and SomatoEmotional Release, Lymph Drainage , Visceral Manipulation, and Heart Centered therapies.

Experience the difference one and a half decades in practice and hundreds more hours of advanced training and teaching and CranioSacral certification can make in helping you get back to optimal health.

If you are not familiar with my specialized therapies, please take a moment to browse my website and find out why my training and experience can assist you to meet your goals.

Make an appointment today and experience health again.

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Email address: deanna@meteorenterprises.com


"I feel wonderful...the best I have felt in years!  Craniosacral therapy turned my life around. For years, I had suffered with poor posture, chronic back pain, chronic neck pain and TMJ.
When I met you, my body was twisted like a pretzel.  My hips, shoulders and head were out of alignment.  Craniosacral therapy untwisted my body and the emotions that were entangled within.  Now, my body and my emotions are stable and grounded.

Thank you for restoring my health and well being!  I am forever grateful!"--Brenda Wallen